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21 JANUARY — The Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office is starting an investigation into Willem Engel, front man of the controversial anti-vax group 'Viruswaarheid'. This is in response to the collective petition against Engel signed by 22,581 Dutch citizens.

Lumen Photo photographer Jiri Büller lensed Willem Engel. 

Trending Engel

15 JANUARY — Dutch rapper and singer Ali B has been reported to the Public Prosecutor's Office for sexually transgressive behaviour, his lawyer confirmed this weekend. Ali B is one of The Voice of Holland's employees named in accusations of grossly inappropriate behaviour on the set of the popular Dutch TV show. Ali B himself reports being "convinced of his innocence."

Strong portrait photos by Lumen Photo's photographers.

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11 JANUARY — Politician Jan Paternotte will become the new parliamentary group chairman of D66 in the Dutch House of Representatives. The party's parliamentary group agreed to the chairmanship on Tuesday. Paternotte is the successor of Sigrid Kaag and has been a member of the Lower House since 2017.

Photographer-duo Paar lensed Jan Paternotte.

Trending Paternotte

11 JANUARY — Former D66 party leader Sigrid Kaag is the Netherlands' first female Minister of Finance. She was digitally sworn in this week - also a first - because of her current infection with the Corona virus. 

Beautiful portrait photos by Lumen Photo-photographers Jitske Schols and Iris Planting (image right).

Trending Kaag

07 JANUARY — Rutger Groot Wassink, the alderman for diversity in the Dutch capital, has to answer in the Amsterdam city council for his approach to violence against lhbtq's. Opposition parties accuse the GroenLinks politician of not acting decisively enough against anti-lhbtq violence.

Lumen Photo's Marc Driessen photgraphed Rutger Groot Wassink.

Trending Groot Wassink

07 JANUARY — Almost one million Britons do not want the highest knighthood to be awarded to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. They signed a petition against the granting of the royal title. But Queen Elizabeth II perseveres, "though not from the heart", various media report. The biggest pain points are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, in which the United Kingdom participated under Blair's leadership.

 Kintzing photographer Tom Jamieson lensed Tony Blair.

Trending Blair

04 JANUARY — The Dutch meteorologist Gerrit Hiemstra is receiving this year's Machiavelli Award. Hiemstra receives the prize because, according to the jury, "he explains climate change and its consequences in an appealing way to a broad audience". The prize is awarded annually for a remarkable achievement in the field of public communication.

Striking images by Ivo van der Bent (image right), Malou van Breevoort and Marcus Koppen.

Trending Hiemstra

28 DECEMBER — Dutch writer and lawyer Roxane van Iperen has been named 'Taalstaatmeester 2021' by the radio show De Taalstaat . The annual honour goes to a person who has distinguished himself in the use of the Dutch language in the past year. Van Iperen wrote the essay for this year's Book Week.

Roxane van Iperen was photographed by Anne Claire de Breij (image right) and Paul Tolenaar.

Trending Iperen

14 DECEMBER — The Dutch writer Arnon Grunberg will receive this year's P.C. Hooft Prize for prose this year. Grunberg has made an 'immense contribution to Dutch literature', according to the jury. Grunberg calls the P.C. Hooft Prize "the most beautiful thing you can win as an author". 

Portrait photos by Andreas Terlaak, Erik Smits (image right) and Jouk Oosterhof, among others.

Trending Arnon Grunberg

13 DECEMBER — Writer Lale Gül has been named 'Dutchman of the Year' by EW magazine, previously: Elsevier Weekblad. According to the editors of the magazine, "Lale Gül is an example for many young Muslim women who are oppressed."

Striking portraiture by Marc Driessen.

Trending Lale Gul

13 DECEMBER — Formula 1 racing driver Max Verstappen became the first Dutchman ever to win the championship of the 'king class' of motor sport, this Sunday. At the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Verstappen defeated rival Lewis Hamilton in the final race of the year.

Portraiture by Lumen Photo's Maarten Kools.

Trending Verstappen

07 DECEMBER — Singer/rapper Lucia den Hollander is the Dutch entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022. This was announced Tuesday by public broadcaster Avrotros. According to reports, S10 (the stage name of Stien den Hollander) will participate with a song in the Dutch language.

The singer was beautifully photographed by Andreas Terlaak, Daniel Cohen, Ilja Keizer (image right) and Lin Woldendorp.

Trending S10 3

07 DECEMBER — Two decades after Carrie-Ann Moss last starred as the film character Trinity in the Matrix trilogy, the American-Canadian actress returns to the big screen in the role that made her famous. In Matrix Revolutions, the third sequel to the 1999 film, Moss once again can be seen alongside actor Keanu Reeves.

Carrie-Ann Moss was lensed by Headpress photographer Eddie Chacon. 

Trending Carrie Ann

01 DECEMBER — After three decades Olav Mol will be replaced as the regular Formula 1 commentator. The new pay channel ViaPlay - that broadcasts the races in the Netherlands from 2022 - has hired a new commentator for the F1 Grand Prix races. 

Olav Mol was lensed by Lumen Photo's Marc Deurloo and Marcel Krijger (image right).

Trending Mol

29 NOVEMBER —  Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey is ending his career at the social media platform after six years as top executive - and a total of 16 years at the company. Dorsey will be succeeded by Parag Agrawal.

Photographer Elke Meitzel lensed the bearded internet entrepreneur strikingly.

Trending Jack Dorsey

16 NOVEMBER — Writer Claudia de Breij did not want to be a "sharp interviewer" in the conversations she had with the Dutch princess Amalia. The dutch author and comedienne was commissioned to write the first authorised biography on the royal princess - who celebrates her 18th birthday next month. 

Lumen Photo's Carmen Kemmink (image right) and Frank Ruiter, among others, lensed Claudia de Breij.

Trending De Breij

15 NOVEMBER — Dutch tv-anchor Amber Brantsen is leaving public broadcaster NOS and moves to Viaplay. Brantsen will present the studio broadcasts of the Formula 1 races for the new pay-tv channel. For the NOS Brantsen presented the NOS Formula 1 podcast.

Brantsen was photographed by Lumen Photo's Ernst Coppejans (image right) and Malou van Breevoort.

Trending Brantsen 1

15 NOVEMBER — Dutch talk show host Splinter Chabot is hosting a new Wie is de Mol? talk show for the public broadcaster NPO. In Niet de Mol Chabot talks to former participants of the popular TV show. Chabot's online programme will run concurrently with the popular Mol series from January this year.

Lumen Photo's Ilja Keizer lensed Splinter Chabot.

Trending Splinter

13 NOVEMBER — The chaos that ensued during rapper Travis Scott's performance has resulted in a tenth fatality. A 9-year-old visitor to the Astroworld festival died this weekend. Rapper and festival organiser Scott announced that he would pay for the funeral costs of all the victims.

Scott was strikingly portrayed by the talented photographer Max Doyle

Trending Travis Scott

08 NOVEMBER —  The much admired Dutch painter and writer Anton Valens died on Sunday at the age of 57 in his hometown of Amsterdam. In addition to his paintings, Valens also made a name for himself as a writer; he debuted in 2004 with the novel Master of Hygiene.

Lumen Photo's Frank Ruiter and Ivo van der Bent portrayed Valens strikingly.

Trending Valens

07 NOVEMBER — This weekend F1 driver Lewis Hamilton saw his rival Max Verstappen increase his lead in the battle for the world championship. At the Grand Prix of Mexico, the Brit finished second at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit; he is now 19 points behind the Dutchman.

Photographer Mike Ruiz photographed Lewis Hamilton in exuberant fashion.

Trending Hamilton

22 OCTOBER — The Dutch conductor Bernard Haitink has died at the age of 92, his management reported. He was seen as one of the greatest conductors in the world. Haitink's name is mainly associated with the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, but he also led orchestras in London, Dresden and Chicago.

Haitink was aptly photographed by the French portrait photographer Olivier Roller.

Trending Haitink

20 OCTOBER — The Dutch rapper Murda, who was arrested in Turkey, has been released after spending the weekend in a cell. However, his management says he is not yet allowed to leave the country. Murda, who is also very popular in Turkey, was arrested because of  the "inflammatory texts" in his music.

The Rotterdam-based photo duo Vilain & Gai photographed Murda in their own, very unique way. 

Trending Murda

14 OCTOBER — New images from Lumen Photo photographer Frank Ruiter: striking portraits of actor Emmanuel Ohene Boafo (pictured right), film critic and TV presenter René Mioch, commentator and journalist Marcel van Roosmalen, TV personality Sergio Vyent as well as film director Mustafa Duygulu, among others. 

Explore Frank Ruiter's complete photo collection in our image bank or view his portfolio.

Trending Acteur

13 OCTOBER — Dutch presenter and journalist Jeroen Wollaars wins this year's Sonja Barend Award. This annual professional prize for the best Dutch television interview was presented to Wollaars on Tuesday.

Wollaars was magnificently photographed by Lumen Photo photographers Aisha Zeijpveld (image right) and Rogier Veldman

Trending Wollaars

12 OCTOBER — The book Stromboli by Dutch writer Saskia Noort will get the film treatment by director Michiel van Erp. The scenario was written by screenwriters Paula van der Oest and Roos Ouwehand. It will be Van Erp's third feature.

Daniel Cohen (picture right) and Jan van Breda lensed the Dutch helmer.

Trending Erp

12 OCTOBER — Filmmaker Michiel van Erp will adapt the book Stromboli by Dutch writer Saskia Noort, as was announced this week. Earlier, Noort's books De eetclub, De verbouwing and Terug naar de kust were previously turned it to films. 

Saskia Noort was photographed by Mark Uyl (image right), Frank Ruiter,Iris Planting and Malou van Breevoort among others.

Trending Noort

02 OCTOBER — New images!  Striking new portraiture by portrait and fashion photographer Lin Woldendorp. Colourful images of artists such as rapper Typhoon (image right), pop group Goldband and singer Jaap Reesema, but also photos of writer Özcan Akyol, Dutch politician Rob Jetten and activist Akwasi.

Explore Lin Woldendorp's entire photo collection in our image bank or check out her portfolio.

Trending Typhoon

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