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15 OCTOBER — Dutch stand-up comedian Jochem Myjer is mainly a theatre man, but for broadcaster EO he traded the stage for a hot-air balloon. In the new tv show Jochem in de Wolken the comedian floats over nature reserves in the Netherlands and tells about the nature in the Low Lands. The new tv programme will premiere this.

Myjer was photographed by Lenny Oosterwijk (picture right) and Iris Planting, among others.

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14 OCTOBER — New images from Lumen Photo photographer Frank Ruiter: striking portraits of actor Emmanuel Ohene Boafo (pictured right), film critic and TV presenter René Mioch, commentator and journalist Marcel van Roosmalen, TV personality Sergio Vyent as well as film director Mustafa Duygulu, among others. 

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13 OCTOBER — Dutch presenter and journalist Jeroen Wollaars wins this year's Sonja Barend Award. This annual professional prize for the best Dutch television interview was presented to Wollaars on Tuesday.

Wollaars was magnificently photographed by Lumen Photo photographers Aisha Zeijpveld (image right) and Rogier Veldman

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12 OCTOBER — The book Stromboli by Dutch writer Saskia Noort will get the film treatment by director Michiel van Erp. The scenario was written by screenwriters Paula van der Oest and Roos Ouwehand. It will be Van Erp's third feature.

Daniel Cohen (picture right) and Jan van Breda lensed the Dutch helmer.

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12 OCTOBER — Filmmaker Michiel van Erp will adapt the book Stromboli by Dutch writer Saskia Noort, as was announced this week. Earlier, Noort's books De eetclub, De verbouwing and Terug naar de kust were previously turned it to films. 

Saskia Noort was photographed by Mark Uyl (image right), Frank Ruiter,Iris Planting and Malou van Breevoort among others.

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08 OCTOBER — Journalist TV and radio presenter Sven Kockelmann makes the switch to Dutch broadaster WNL. As of December he is one of the regular presenters of tv Op1. Kockelmann will present the programme together with Fidan Ekiz.

Lumen Photo's Malou van Breevoort photographed Sven Kockelmann.

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07 OCTOBER — Dutch singer Jeangu Macrooy will release a new album this autumn. Macrooy already has two albums to his name. The singer, who after the Eurovision Song Contest unsuccessful planned to take a sabbatical first, released his last album in 2019.

Striking portraiture by photographers Ivo van der Bent (image right), Jitske Schols , Lin Woldendorp and Marc Deurloo.

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06 OCTOBER — A number of strong portrait series have been added to the collection of Lumen Photo photographer Kiki Groot. The Netherlands based photographer recently photographed various politicians (such as non-partisan politician and mayor Daan Prevoo, pictured right), members of government, businessmen, writers and artists.

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02 OCTOBER — Just before Dutch CDA politician Wopke Hoekstra took a stand against tax havens as the newly appointed Minister of Finance, he himself had an interest in a letterbox company in the British Virgin Islands. This was revealed by the Dutch newspaper Trouw this weekend. The CDA party leader used the firm to invest in a safari company in East Africa.

Hoekstra was photographed by Lumen Photo's Jiri Büller.

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02 OCTOBER — Actor Fedja van Huêt has won a Golden Calf Award this weekend for his leading role in the film De Veroordeling (The Condemnation). The Dutch actor received the award during the 41st edition of the Netherlands Film Festival. This year, for the first time, one gender-neutral award was presented: the Golden Calf for the best leading role.

Wendelien Daan (image right), Iris Planting and Corné van der Stelt,  photographed Van Huêt.

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02 OCTOBER — New images!  Striking new portraiture by portrait and fashion photographer Lin Woldendorp. Colourful images of artists such as rapper Typhoon (image right), pop group Goldband and singer Jaap Reesema, but also photos of writer Özcan Akyol, Dutch politician Rob Jetten and activist Akwasi.

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02 OCTOBER — Political parties from both the opposition and the coalition are criticising Justice & Security State Secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol. In an interview about Afghanistan with Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad, the State Secretary says that possibly 100,000 Afghans are on their way to the Netherlands and that too much migration might lead to a "braindrain" in Afghanistan.

The State Secretary was photographed by Linelle Deunk (image right) and Marcel Krijger.

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02 OCTOBER — Executive Board chairman Wiebe Draijer will leave Rabobank in October 2022 as top executive. He has decided not to be available for a third term. The bank announced this on Friday. Draijer took office in 2014. His appointment came at a time when the bank was in deep crisis.

Portraiture by Lumen Photo's Marcel Bakker (image right) and Martin Dijkstra.

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30 SEPTEMBER — Writer, actor and film-maker Berend Boudewijn, the husband of the late writer Martine Bijl, will soon be publishing a collection of stories titled Van dit en dat en van alles wat, some of Bijl's most well-known texts. He does this to "keep her a bit alive", as he explains in this week's issue of Libelle magazine.

Beautiful portrait photos by No Candy (image right) and Marcel Bakker.

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29 SEPTEMBER — Journalist and publisher Ernst-Jan Pfauth is leaving the Dutch journalism platform De Correspondent, which he founded eight years ago. He feels he is not the right person to help the company to the next phase, reports Amsterdam-based daily Het Parool.

Striking portraiture by Lumen Photo photographer Frank Ruiter.

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29 SEPTEMBER — Cartoonist Kamagurka is the winner of the Dutch Inktspot Prize for the best political drawing of the parliamentary year. The Flemish cartoonist won the prize for the drawing Migrants, which appeared in NRC Handelsblad.

Kamagurka was photographed by Corné van der Stelt, Ilja Keizer (image right) and Lars van den Brink.

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28 SEPTEMBER — Douwe Bob's band has cancelled its collaboration with the popular Dutch singer, reports 3voor12. The musicians are dissatisfied with the recent cancellation of Douwe Bob's announced tour.

Ernst Coppejans, Feriet Tunc (image right) and Marc Deurloo lensed Douwe Bob. 

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27 SEPTEMBER — The book Nu ik je zie (Now I see you) by Merlijn Kamerling will be adapted for the theatre. In the book, Antonie Kamerling's son goes in search of a more complete picture ten years after his father's death. Benno Hoogveld directs the play, Marc Veerkamp writes the screenplay.

Lumen Photo's Mark Uyl and Valentina Vos (image right) photographed Merlijn Kamerling.

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22 SEPTEMBER — State Secretary Mona Keijzer has been dismissed from the Dutch government. This was announced on Saturday by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The CDA politician's position appeared untenable after her controversial remarks in the newspaper De Telegraaf.

Portraiture by Lumen Photo photographers Iris Planting (image right) and Marcel Bakker.

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22 SEPTEMBER - The Dutch band Doe Maar has cancelled its planned farewell tour. Singer and bassist Henny Vrienten is ill and unable to perform, according to concert organiser Mojo. Mojo will not comment on the nature of the illness. The band's concerts will not be rescheduled.

Striking portraiture by Lumen Photo photographer Andreas Terlaak.

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22 SEPTEMBER — Dutch singer Willeke Alberti will embark on her last solo tour this autumn, her management announced this week. With 14 concerts throughout the Netherlands, Alberti will conclude her six-decade singing career. 

Lumen Photo's Carmen Kemmink and Jitske Schols (image right) portrayed Willeke.

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21 SEPTEMBER — Dutch Actress Angela Schijf has a chance to win this year's Televizier Star in the category Best Actor/Actress. Schijf is nominated for her role in the series Flikken Maastricht. On 14 October, the winner of the award will be announced.

Striking images by Lumen Photo's Maarten Kools (image right), Dafne Ederveen and Andreas Terlaak.

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21 SEPTEMBER — Dutch actor Gerard Cox is retiring after more than sixty years in the theater. This announced the 81-year-old actor this week in the FM op 5 radio show. Cox made a name for himself at the beginning of his stage career with his solo programs, with the cabaret Lurelei and as a duo with Frans Halsema.

Malou van Breevoort (image right), Andreas Terlaak and Lenny Oosterwijk lensed the actor.

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15 SEPTEMBER — Acclaimed Dutch conductor Jaap van Zweden is leaving the much praised New York Philharmonic at the end of the 2023-2024 season. In an interview with The New York Times, Van Zweden, who joined the Philharmonic as chief conductor in 2018, says that the COVID pandemic has led him to "have other priorities in life now."

Lumen Photo's Daniel Cohen (image right) and Marco Bakker lensed Van Zweden.

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13 SEPTEMBER — TV-personality Sergio Vyent, known to the public mainly as maître in the prime time TV-show First Dates, makes his debut as a writer this week with the book De liefde volgens Sergio. In each of the book's 25 chapters Vyent describes a different side of love. De liefde volgens Sergio will be available September 14.

Lumen Photo's Frank Ruiter (image right) and Lin Woldendorp lensed Vyent.

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7 SEPTEMBER — The New York Times bestseller list in the category 'paperback non-fiction' is headed by two Dutch writers: Bessel van der Kolk and Roxane van Iperen. Van Iperen is number two on the list with The Sisters of Auschwitz, the English translation of her book 't Hooge Nest.

Roxane van Iperen was lensed by Lumen Photo's Anne Claire de Breij (image right) and Paul Tolenaar.

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7 SEPTEMBER — Outgoing minister Carola Schouten acknowledges that - as a possible solution in the nitrogen crisis - the Dutch government is working on a scenario in which farmers are expropriated. This is reported by the newspaper Het Parool today.

Striking Portraiture by photographers Mark Horn, Iris PLanting and Marlou van Breevoort (image right).

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6 SEPTEMBER — The autobiography of the Dutch actress Karin Bloemen forms the basis for the upcoming theater performance Into the Light. In her biography, Bloemen writers about her childhood, which was marked by abuse, mistreatment and fear. The role of Bloemen will played by actress Lisse Knaapen.

Iris Planting, Linelle Deunk, Lenny Oosterwijk and Mark Uyl (image right) lensed Karin Bloemen.

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