Lumen Photo is one of the Netherlands' leading image agencies. As passionate photography enthusiasts, we do our utmost every day to provide our clients - journalistic media companies, NGOs and commercial organizations - with powerful images.

Currently we have no job openings.
Would you still like to send your CV? Send your resume (pdf) to loopbanen@lumenphoto.nl. Your personal data will be treated with the utmost possible care.
We want to see a society where everyone is equal. That is why inclusion and diversity are firmly embedded in Lumen Photo's culture. For us, inclusion describes a culture in which we can all collaborate, develop our unique talents, and achieve excellence together.

Talent, creativity and passion - those are the qualities we rely on. As we believe that stereotypes, unconscious bias and outdated social norms are the biggest barriers to inclusion, Lumen Photo recruits, employs and promotes team members irrespective of gender, nationality, religion, disabilities, age, cultural background or sexual identity.