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NOVEMBER 24 — Forum for Democracy Member of Parliament Theo Hiddema will immediately leave the House of Representatives. He announced his decision after his party leader Thierry Baudet announced his withdrawal as party leader and party chairman.

Hiddema was lensed by Marco Bakker, Roger Cremers and Marcus Köppen.

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NOVEMBER 24 — TV presenter Jan Versteegh will be responsible for the presentation of the new quiz 'Everyone is of the World'. The program can be seen on SBS from January, the television channel reports this week. For Versteegh it is his second new program in a short time. Earlier this month it was announced that Versteegh will also be responsible for the presentation of 'Small but Fine'.

Beautiful portraits by Carmen Kemmink (foto right), Frank Ruiter and Ilja Keizer.

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NOVEMBER 24 — Forum for Democracy party chairman Thierry Baudet is withdrawing as party leader, Baudet announced on Monday evening. He follows party member Freek Jansen, who resigned after the fuss around the FvD youth department.

Striking portraiture by Jitske Schols, PAAR and Jiri Büller, among others.

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NOVEMBER 23 — Nicolette Kluijver can be seen from 6 January in 'De Perfect Verbouwing', a new program from TV channel RTL, in which architects renovate a house with the help of virtual reality. Kluijver: "It is great to present this program, because it really is a feel-good program."

Beautiful portraits shot by Lumen photographer Moon Jansen.

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NOVEMBER 23 — PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher is heard today by the interrogation committee about his role as Minister of Social Affairs in the child allowance affair. The committee is investigating what went wrong in the approach to fraud.

Photographers Corné van der Stelt, Julie Blik, Kiki Groot (photo right) and Mike Roelofs, among others, portrayed Asscher.

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NOVEMBER 19 — Ugandan presidential candidate Bobi Wine has been arrested for the second time this month, sparking violent protests in the capital, Kampala. The popular musician slash politician was arrested during a campaign. "The price of freedom is high, but we will certainly win," read a tweet from Wine's official Twitter account.

Photographers Roger Cremers and Damien Grenon portrayed Wine.

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17 NOVEMBER — Dutch tv-host Twan Huys has signed at broadcaster KRO-NCRV, for which he will be presenting 'College Tour' program starting spring 2021, as was revealed by Huys this Monday. 

Twan Huys has been portrayed by, among others, Andy Tan, Anne Claire de Breij, Frank Ruiter and Martin Dijkstra

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NOVEMBER 13 — Just in: beautiful recent portraits shot by photographer Jouk Oosterhof, including images of Dutch funny man Peter Pannekoek (photo right), photos by up-and-coming artist & poet Schiavone Simson and actress Lineke Rijxman.

View these new images and more of Jouk's work in Lumen Photo's image bank.

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NOVEMBER 12 — Constant Vecht, Dutch art dealer, former director of opinion magazine 'De Groene Amsterdammer' and former editor-in-chief of the communist daily newspaper 'De Waarheid', passed away this week at the age of 72.

Vecht was beautifully lensed by photographer Julie Blik.

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NOVEMBER 8 - Dutch Soap actor Ferry Doedens will leave the cast of tv series 'Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden', at the end of this month. "Recently, a situation has arisen that has resulted in a difficult working relationship for all parties. As a result, EndemolShine and RTL, together with Ferry, decided in good harmony at the end of June to end the cooperation", broadcaster RTL reported.

Ferry Doedens was portrayed by, among others, photographers Carmen Kemmink (photo right) and Sjors Massar.

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NOVEMBER 6 - Actor Alkan Çöklü, who plays the role of Amir Nazar in Dutch soap 'Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden' leaves the daily broadcasted series. The 26-year-old actor can be seen on TV until mid-November. "After 3.5 years, the show's writers felt that the story has been told," said Çöklü. "And so do I. That means time for new roles and projects."

Photographers Ernst Coppejans and Sjors Massar (photo right) portrayed Çöklü.

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OCTOBER 16 — Singer Rob Dekay has released a new album. His album Aangenaam is available for purchase and streaming from today. The album, which also featured singer Ilse de Lange, was originally supposed to be released this spring, but the Corona crisis threw a spanner in the works.

Lumen Photos Carmen Kemmink photographed Dekay. This photo (right) and more images from Carmen’s photo series can be found in the image bank.

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