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JUNE 23 — This summer, Dutch best-selling author Ronald Giphart will make his debut as a radio presenter on Veronica Radio. On Saturdays and Sundays, Giphart will present the show Phil Collins Says Sorry, with a nod to Giphart's book Phileine Says Sorry, which was also a successful Dutch film.

Portraiture by Lumen Photos Corné van der Stelt, Daniel Cohen(image right), Frank Ruiter, Paul Tolenaar and Wouter Vandenbrink.

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JUNE 17 — Dutch actress Carice van Houten takes on one of the leads in the new TV series Dangerous Liaisons, based on the book by Pierre Choderlos. The show will be produced by the American streaming service Starz. Dangerous Liaisons was previously made into a film, starring Glenn Close and John Malkovich.

A powerful series of portraits by photographer Wendelien Daan.

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JUNE 17 — Dutch comedian Tim Fransen will kick-off his new theater tour 'De Mens En Ik' this summer. The tour was postponed twice due to the Corona pandemic. 'De Mens En Ik' is the third show of the graduated philosopher. Fransen previously won the jury and audience award at the Amsterdam Student Cabaret Festival and the Leids Cabaret Festival.

Striking portraiture by Lumen Photo's Martin Dijkstra and Alek (image right).

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JUNE 11 — Dutch TV host Sophie Hilbrand is one of the two new presenters of the TV program De Vooravond, the daily talk show on public broadcaster NPO1. Hilbrand co-hosts of the show with lawyer and media personality Khalid Kasem. Both new anchors replace Fidan Ekiz and Renze Klamer who are leaving De Vooravond.

Lumen Photo's Feriet Tunc portrayed Hilbrand.

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JUNE 11 — Dutch lawyer Khalid Kasem is one of the two new presenters of the prime-time TV program De Vooravond, the daily talk show on TV channel NPO1. His co-host will be Sophie Hilbrand. Both new presenters replace Fidan Ekiz and Renze Klamer who are leaving De Vooravond.

Khalid Kasem was lensed by Linelle Deunk.

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JUNE 11 — Dutch violinist André Rieu will resume his international tour this autumn. The 71-year-old musician and his orchestra will perform Chile, Uruguay, Israel, Austria and Germany, was announced was by the the Dutch Stradivarius player and Richard Strauss interpreter. The concerts will be Rieu's first since the the Covid19 lockdown of 2020.

Striking portraits by Lumen Photos Iris Planting and Rogier Veldman.

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JUNE 10 - Dutch comedian Jandino Asporaat will be back in Dutch theatres this fall with his new Opgefokt! solo tour.  Asporaat's show was previously postponed due to Covid-19. In his new theater program, the comedian and theater maker speaks about "the Netherlands of the past".

Lumen Photo's Andreas Terlaak, Corné van der Stelt and Alek (image right) lensed the comedian.

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JUNE 10 — We love to introduce our clients to the work of Lumen Photo's artists. This time our Spotlight is on photographer Kiki Groot. Kiki made a name for herself with her intimate portraits of mostly, but not exclusively, politicians, administrators, scientists and business leaders.

In her photography, Kiki searches for the story behind people and continuously asks herself the questions: what distinguishes one from the other? What makes us 'us'?

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JUNE 07 — Dutch writer A.L. Snijders has died at the age of 83, his publisher reports. Snijders was known as the master of the 'very short story', a genre he invented himself. In 2010 he was awarded the Constantijn Huygens Prize.

Snijders was phtographed by Bianca Sistermans, Jitske Schols and Krijn van Noordwijk (image right).

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JUNE 06 — Dutch singer Rob de Nijs, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, hopes to be on a Dutch stage one more time and be able to say goodbye to his fans. A show by the 78-year-old singer is planned this fall in Belgium.

Portraiture by Lumen's Andreas Terlaak, Jeroen Hofman and Jitske Schols (image right),

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JUNE 04 — Dutch singer and actor Jim Bakkum will hit theaters this autumn with his Frank Sinatra theater tour. In the show called Sinatra - Under His Skin, the 33-year-old singer performs well-known and lesser-known songs by the American crooner.

Portraiture by Lumen Photo's Carmen Kemmink, Paul Tolenaar (image right) and Anke van der Meer.

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JUNE 04 — The Champions League broadcasts on the Dutch TV channel RTL 7 will be commented by Wesley Sneijder next season. The former soccer-pro will analyze the matches right after each match, RTL reports.

Lumen Photo's Frank Ruiter lensed the former Ajax and Real Madrid soccer player.

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MAY 31 — Dutch pianist Iris Hond will perform ten times this summer in the Concertgebouw venue in Amsterdam. With this concert series she honors the Italian composer Ludovico Einaudi. Hond is known for her special performances of the work of Einaudi.

Portraiture by Lumen Photo's Carmen Kemmink, Maarten Kools (image right) and Rene van der Hulst.

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MAY 28 — Benedetta, the new French-language film by the opinionated Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival this July in the presence of the Robocop, Basic Instinct and Elle helmer.

Portraiture by Corné van der Stelt, Erik Smits, Frank Ruiter, Krijn van Noordwijk (image right) and Mark Uyl, among others.

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MAY 28 — Dutch football commentator and media personality Johan Derksen will end his TV career starting 2022. "Finally, it has taken long enough, I will not miss this," said the football analyst in an interview with Dutch daily AD.

Striking images by Lumen-photographers Andreas Terlaak, Frank Ruiter, Goffe Struiksma (image right) and Paul Tolenaar.

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MAY 21 — Dutch actress and singer Vajèn van den Bosch takes on one of the leads in the German version of Broadway musical Wicked. The show will open in Hamburg on August 1. Wicked was previously performed on the stages of Broadway and West End.

Vajèn was photographed by Lumen Photo's Pim Hendriksen.

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MAY 21 — Flemish film directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah will helm the upcoming Batgirl -movie for studio Warner Bros, as was announced Wednesday. It is not the firs major Hollywood movie for the Belgian duo, having previously debuted in the US with the second sequel to Bad Boys.

El Arbi and Fallah were lensed by Lumen Photo photographers
Filip Van Roe and Athos Burez.

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MAY 06 — Striking new work by Lumen Photo photographer Maarten Kools. Beautiful portraits of, among others, actress / writer Joy Delima (image right), popular vlogger and social media personality Dylan Haegens and actress Marian Mudder.

This photo and more images can be found in Maarten's Lumen collection.

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APRIL 29 — Award-winning Moroccan-Dutch writer Hafid Bouazza (51) passed away this week after being ill for some time. Bouazza was considered one of the most important writers of a wave of new authors with a migrant background.

Lumen Photo's Alek, Bianca Sistermans (image right), Ernst Coppejans and Jan van Breda portrayed Bouazza.

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APRIL 28 — Daria Bukvić has been appointed as renowned theater company Oostpool's new artistic director. Earlier in 2021, her predecessor left the company after being accused of abusive workfloor behavior. Bukvić made a name for herself with 'Nobody Home', a play about being a refugee in the Netherlands.

Lumen Photo's Ernst Coppejans, Jeroen Hofman, Marc Driessen and Martin Dijkstra (image right) lensed Bukvić.

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APRIL 23 — 'Love Right Now' is the new album by Dutch singer-songwriter Jett Rebel. 'Love Right Now' is Rebel's second live album and eighth album in total. According to Rebel, the record is a return to his earlier work.

Lumen Photo's Andreas Terlaak recently shot a striking series of  images of the 30 year old artist. These photos and other Jett Rebel images can be found in our image bank.

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APRIL 22 — We laten je graag kennis maken het werk van Lumen Photo's fotografen. Dit maal staat het Spotlight op fotografe Lin Woldendorp (1994).
Lin begon haar carrière voor de lens als model, maar voelt zich meer thuis achter de camera. Voor onder meer dagblad Het Parool en magazines VIVA en VARAgids schiet ze modische portretfoto's van Nederlandse personalities.

Eerder dit jaar werd Lin geselecteerd als GUP New Talent. Bij de Zilveren Camera awards ontving ze in 2021 de 3e prijs in de categorie 'portret - singles'.

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APRIL 20 — Dutch opinion pollster Maurice de Hond is working on a podcast about the Deventer murder case. This reveveiled De Hond on Twitter, this Tuesday. In his new podcast Maurice de Hond will respond to the recent, renewed media attention for the much discussed murder and De Hond's involvement in the case.

The pollster was lensed by Lumen Photo's Andreas Terlaak, Corné van der Stelt and Julie Blik (image right).

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APRIL 18 — Gerrit Zalm resigns as supervisory director of Danske Bank. The former Dutch Minister of Finance steps down after a criminal case against the former ABN AMRO director was opened. According to the judiciary, the Dutch bank did not do enough to prevent money laundering.

Lumen Photos Andreas Terlaak, Lars van den Brink and Martin Dijkstra lensed Zalm.

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APRIL 14 — Dutch singer Danny Vera will perform live on stage in the Ziggo Dome venue on December 24. It will be Vera's biggest concert to date. In 2019 Danny Vera's hit song 'Roller Coaster' topped the Dutch music charts for weeks.

The singer was lensed by photographers Andreas Terlaak, Corné van der Stelt (image right) and Ivo van der Bent

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APRIL 13 — Dutch swimming champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo has set her sights on participating in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. During the Olympic qualifying tournament last week, she set 2 top times. Kromwidjojo: "I am growing towards the Olympic Games. This is the confirmation."

The Dutch swimming champion was photographed by Krijn van Noordwijk (image right) and Mike Roelofs.

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