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28 SEPTEMBER — Douwe Bob's band has cancelled its collaboration with the popular Dutch singer, reports 3voor12. The musicians are dissatisfied with the recent cancellation of Douwe Bob's announced tour.

Amongst others Ernst Coppejans, Feriet Tunc (picture right) and Marc Deurloo lensed Douwe Bob. 

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27 SEPTEMBER — The book Nu ik je zie (Now I see you) by Merlijn Kamerling will be adapted for the theatre. In the book, Antonie Kamerling's son goes in search of a more complete picture ten years after his father's death. Benno Hoogveld directs the play, Marc Veerkamp writes the screenplay.

Lumen Photo's Mark Uyl and Valentina Vos (Bild rechts) photographed Merlijn Kamerling.

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22 SEPTEMBER — State Secretary Mona Keijzer has been dismissed from the Dutch government. This was announced on Saturday by Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The CDA politician's position appeared untenable after her controversial remarks in the newspaper De Telegraaf.

Portraiture by Lumen Photo photographers Iris Planting (image right) and Marcel Bakker.

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22 SEPTEMBER - The Dutch band Doe Maar has cancelled its planned farewell tour. Singer and bassist Henny Vrienten is ill and unable to perform, according to concert organiser Mojo. Mojo will not comment on the nature of the illness. The band's concerts will not be rescheduled.

Striking portraiture by Lumen photographer Andreas Terlaak.

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22 SEPTEMBER — Dutch singer Willeke Alberti will embark on her last solo tour this autumn, her management announced this week. With 14 concerts throughout the Netherlands, Alberti will conclude her six-decade singing career. 

Lumen Photo's Carmen Kemmink and Jitske Schols (image right) portrayed Willeke.

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21 SEPTEMBER — Dutch Actress Angela Schijf has a chance to win this year's Televizier Star in the category Best Actor/Actress. Schijf is nominated for her role in the series Flikken Maastricht. On 14 October, the winner of the award will be announced.

Striking images by Lumen Photo's Maarten Kools (image right), Dafne Ederveen and Andreas Terlaak.

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21 SEPTEMBER — Dutch actor Gerard Cox is retiring after more than sixty years in the theater. This announced the 81-year-old actor this week in the FM op 5 radio show. Cox made a name for himself at the beginning of his stage career with his solo programs, with the cabaret Lurelei and as a duo with Frans Halsema.

Malou van Breevoort (image right), Andreas Terlaak and Lenny Oosterwijk lensed the actor.

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15 SEPTEMBER — Acclaimed Dutch conductor Jaap van Zweden is leaving the much praised New York Philharmonic at the end of the 2023-2024 season. In an interview with The New York Times, Van Zweden, who joined the Philharmonic as chief conductor in 2018, says that the COVID pandemic has led him to "have other priorities in life now."

Lumen Photo's Daniel Cohen (image right) and Marco Bakker lensed Van Zweden.

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13 SEPTEMBER — TV-personality Sergio Vyent, known to the public mainly as maître in the prime time TV-show First Dates, makes his debut as a writer this week with the book De liefde volgens Sergio. In each of the book's 25 chapters Vyent describes a different side of love. De liefde volgens Sergio will be available September 14.

Lumen Photo's Frank Ruiter (image right) and Lin Woldendorp lensed Vyent.

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7 SEPTEMBER — The New York Times bestseller list in the category 'paperback non-fiction' is headed by two Dutch writers: Bessel van der Kolk and Roxane van Iperen. Van Iperen is number two on the list with The Sisters of Auschwitz, the English translation of her book 't Hooge Nest.

Roxane van Iperen was lensed by Lumen Photo's Anne Claire de Breij (image right) and Paul Tolenaar.

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9 SEPTEMBER — Dutch Cabaret artist Ronald Snijders will receive the 2021's Dutch Oeuvre Prize for Cabaret. Snijders is awarded for the theatre shows that the 46-year-old comedian has made over the course of 11 years. He was preceded by fellow comedians Herman van Veen and Tineke Schouten, among others.

Striking portraiture by Corné van der Stelt, Frank Ruiter, Marc Driessen and Ringel Goslinga.

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7 SEPTEMBER — Outgoing minister Carola Schouten acknowledges that - as a possible solution in the nitrogen crisis - the Dutch government is working on a scenario in which farmers are expropriated. This is reported by the newspaper Het Parool today.

Striking Portraiture by photographers Mark Horn, Iris PLanting and Marlou van Breevoort (image right).

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6 SEPTEMBER — The autobiography of the Dutch actress Karin Bloemen forms the basis for the upcoming theater performance Into the Light. In her biography, Bloemen writers about her childhood, which was marked by abuse, mistreatment and fear. The role of Bloemen will played by actress Lisse Knaapen.

Iris Planting, Linelle Deunk, Lenny Oosterwijk and Mark Uyl (image right) lensed Karin Bloemen.

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1 SEPTEMBER — The Dutch liberal political party VVD wants politician Johan Remkes as the new formateur and replacement for current formateur Mariëtte Hamer, daily De Volkskrant reports today. If it is up to the VVD, Remkes is the person who has to bring the formation of a new government, 5 months after the Dutch elections.

Lumen Photos Marco Bakker (image right), Jiri Büller and Dirk-Jan van Dijk lensed Remkes.

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31 AUGUST — Dutch minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (VVD) resigns as outgoing Minister of Infrastructure. She has found another job, the spokesperson said. Van Nieuwenhuizen took office as minister in 2017.

Striking portraiture by Lumen photographers Marcel Bakker (image right), Roger Cremers and Kiki Groot.

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29 AUGUST — Jamaican reggae legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry has died at the age of 85. Perry collaborated with musical greats such as Bob Marley, The Beastie Boys and Keith Richards throughout his career. 

Striking portrait photos by photographer Lenny Oosterwijk (image right), among others.

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24 AUGUST — Theater director Ivo van Hove is going to adapt My dear favorite, Marieke Lucas Rijneveld's second novel, for the stage. The play will premiere during the 22/23 theatre season at International Theater Amsterdam.

Rijneveld was beautifully photographed by, among others, Lumen Photo's Aisha Zeijpveld, Daniel Cohen, Ilja Keizer, and Jouk Oosterhof (image right).

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AUGUST 15 — Dutch TV presenter Johnny de Mol will host a new daily live show on TV channel SBS6. The new program will be titled HLF8 and will air weekly. De Mol made the move from TV channel RTL 4 to rivalling SBS in 2018.

Striking portraiture by Lumen Photos Daniel Cohen, Ernst Coppejans, Moon Jansen and Wendelien Daan (image right).

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13 AUGUST — The Dutch writer, poet, essayist and art historian K. Schippers, pseudonym of Gerard Stigter, passed away on Thursday at the age of 84, his publishing house reports. In June the novel 'Now you say it' was published by Querido.

Striking portraiture by photographers Bianca Sistermans and Marc Driessen.

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AUGUST 12 — The ongoing 'twitter quarrel' between Virus Truth foreman Willem Engel and top Belgian virologist Marc van Ranst will be continued this week in the Mechelen court. The Dutch activist and dance teacher has sued the outspoken Flemish virologist for "defamation".

Portraits by Lumen Photo photographer Jiri Büller.

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AUGUST 3 - Louis van Gaal is the new national coach for 'Orange'. The coach, who will celebrate his 70th birthday on Sunday, will sign an 18-month contract and begin his third job with the Dutch national soccer team.

Wonderful portraits of Marcel Bakker, Martin Dijkstra and Lenny Oosterwijk (picture right).

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AUGUST 1 — There is strong criticism of the appointment of former National Counterterrorism coordinator Tjibbe Joustra as chairman of the committee that has to investigate the murder of Dutch journalist Peter R. de Vries. This reports newspaper Het Parool today. Critics argue "that Joustra cannot be independent at all because of his background."

Strong portraiture by Roger Cremers (image right) and Jiri Büller, among others.

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AUGUST 1 — Striking new work by Lumen Photo photographer Malou van Breevoort. Beautiful portraits of, among others, actress Marlijn van Weerdenburg, sports commentator Mart Smeets, writer Esther Verhoef (image right) and politician Carola Schouten.

This photo and more images can be found in Malou's wonderful Lumen collection.

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JULY 28 — This fall Dutch comedian Stefano Keizers will be touring theaters with his new show titled Hans Teeuwen. "It took a while, but the show will be great" the Dutch comedian writes on Instagram. Hans Teeuwen is Keizer's'first show since the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic.

Striking images shot by Ivo van der Bent (image right), Lin Woldendorp and Wendelien Daan.

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JULY 28 — Dutch TV presenter Dionne Stax makes the switch from public broadcaster AVROTROS to broadcaster Omroep MAX. The 36-year-old presenter will present Van Onschatbare Waarde and other television shows.

Striking portraiture by Lumen Photo photographers Dafne Ederveen, Mark Uyl (image Right) and Rogier Veldman.

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JULY 17 — Dutch tv-personality Nadia Moussaid will be the new presenter of the prime-time program Op1, the coming TV season. She succeeds Sophie Hilbrand, who will be one of the new faces of De Vooravond. Moussaid already presented several episodes of Op1 last year.

Striking portraiture by Lumen photographer Wendelien Daan, among others.

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JULY 14 — Crime journalist Peter R. de Vries passed away on Thursday, this his family announced today. De Vries died as a result of the assassination attempt on him earlier this month in Amsterdam. De Vries had been receiving threats from Dutch criminal gangs for quite some time.

Lumen Photo photographers Roger Cremers, Dirk Jan van Dijk (image right) and Alek Bruessing lensed De Vries rather strikingly.

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JULY 08 — Dutch State Secretary Stientje Van Veldhoven of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is leaving her position in the outgoing Cabinet for a position at the World Resources Institute and is therefore resigning from her work in The Hague on 19 July. Her party D66 is looking for a replacement.

Van Veldhoven was photographed by Lumen Photo's Kiki Groot.

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