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JANUARY 14 — The entire Dutch Rutte III cabinet resigns because of the hard-hitting report about the 'childcare benefits' affair, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced Friday.

Striking images of Prime Minister Rutte by Iris Planting (image right), Marcel Molle, Mike Roelofs and Jiri Büller, among others.

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JANUARY 14 — As Dutch politican Lodewijk Asscher has resigned as the PvdA's party leader, politician Lilianne Ploumen is frontrunner for the PvdA leadership. She already acts as temporarily Party chairwoman.

Lumen Photos Paul Tolenaar (image right) lensed Ploumen.

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14 JANUARY — PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher does not stand for election during the upcoming Dutch parliamentary elections. Asscher gives up his position as party leader because of the "discussion about my role in the 'benefits' affair".

Corné van der Stelt, Julie Blik, Kiki Groot (image) and Mike Roelofs, among others, lensed the former PvdA leader.

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12 JANUARY —  Dutch TV host Harm Edens will present 2021's edition of beloved television show '10 voor Taal ', which returns to Dutch television after a twelve years hiatus, as was announced this week by broadcaster SBS.

Striking images of Harm Edens by Lumen Photo's Daniel Cohen and Tessa Posthuma de Boer.

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JANUARY 11 —  Dutch magician Hans Klok retires as illusionist after four decades performing. In an interview with daily De Telegraaf he says he no longer wants to be on the stage. He aspires to a career as a TV presenter.

Lumen Photos Andreas Terlaak, Lenny Oosterwijk, Martin Dijkstra and Ringel Goslinga (image right), among others, lensed the illusionist.

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 JANUARY 08 — Mayor of Amsterdam Femke Halsema wants to keep foreign drug tourists out of the Dutch capital. She therefore wants a ban on the sale of soft drugs to non-residents by coffee shops.

Lumen Photos Jitske Schols and Marc Driessen, among others, recently photographed Halsema.

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DECEMBER 28 — The Edison Lifetime Achievement Award, originally canceled in 2014, has been exceptionally awarded again to Dutch comedian  Jeroen van Merwijk, as was announced on Monday. Van Merwijk receives the award "for his extensive, diverse oeuvre and uncompromising vision".

Lumen Photos Ivo van der Bent and Martin Dijkstra lensed Van Merwijk.

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DECEMBER 17 — Dutch writer Adriaan van Dis received the Golden Book this week for his book 'Ik kom terug'. The title, which appeared first in 2014, has sold 200,000 copies. This is reported by the Collective Propaganda Foundation of the Dutch Book (CPNB).

Adriaan van Dis was portrayed by, among others, Lumen Photo's Iris Planting, Martin Dijkstra and Ivo van der Bent (photo right).

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DECEMBER 9 — Dutch artist and rapper Snelle is working on a documentary about his rap career. Streaming service Netflix has bought the rights to the documentary "Snelle: Without a coat outside", in which we see how Snelle has quickly become one of the most popular artists in the Netherlands.

Images by Lumen Photo's Andreas Terlaak, Daniel Cohen and Ilja Keizer photographed Snelle.

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DECEMBER 9 — The Dutch court orders the Public Prosecution Service to prosecute former ING CEO Ralph Hamers. According to the court, "there are enough leads for a successful prosecution of Hamers in connection with a money laundering case and terrorist financing."

Lumen Photo's Marcel Bakker, Martin Dijkstra and Marco Bakker lensed Hamers.

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DECEMBER 7 - Dutch singer Danny Vera is the new number one in the Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO's Radio 2 Top 2000 with his song 'Roller Coaster'. Rock band Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody', which was number one seventeen subsequent years, is now number two. Last year, Vera was the highest entry ever in the list at number four.

Vera was lensed by Andreas Terlaak and Corné van der Stelt.

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1 DECEMBER — Dutch actress and singer Wende Snijders plays the role of Connie Palmen in the upcoming TV series 'I.M', based on the biographical book of the successful author Palmen. The drama series will be broadcasted on Dutch TV at the end of the year.

Striking portraiture by Jitske Schols, Dario & Misja and Inga Powilleit, among others.

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NOVEMBER 30  — The new drama series 'I.M', about the relationship between the famous interviewer Ischa Meijer and author Connie Palmen, can be seen from December 28. This was announced by broadcaster AVRORTOS. The TV series is based on the book of the same name, written by Palmen. Actress Wende Snijders takes on the role of Palmen.

Lumen Photos Frank Ruiter, Julie Blik and Wendelien Daan (image right) portrayed Connie Palmen.

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