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JULY 05 • Dutch poet Remco Campert has died at the age of 92 in his hometown of Amsterdam. His publisher announced that "Dutch literature has lost a virtuoso author and one of its most beloved writers." Campert is considered one of the most important post-war poets of the Netherlands.

Beautiful and striking portraiture by Bianca Sistermans, Corbino, Marco Bakker (image right), Martin DijkstraRingel Goslinga and others.

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Philippe Geubels

JUNE 27 • The Flemish comedian Philippe Geubels is one of the participants in the new season of knowledge quiz De Slimste Mens. The Dutch game show - the program is now in its twentieth season - is hosted as always by Maarten van Rossem and Philip Freriks. Monday, July 11, the new season starts on the Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO2.

Lumen Photo's Anne Claire de Breij (image links) and Andreas Terlaak lensed Geubels.

#Raven van Dorst

JUNE 27 • The Dutch interview series Boerderij van Dorst will return to television at the end of October, Raven van Dorst announced. In Boerderij van Dorst presenter Van Dorst retreats to the countryside with two Dutch prominents each every week. The new series of interviews will be broadcasted on NPO3.

Photographer-duo Dario & Misja (image right) photographed Raven, among others.

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#Wim T. Schippers

JUNE 24 • Dutch writer, artist and actor Wim T. Schippers will celebrate his 80th birthday on July 1. In honor of his birthday, Dutch tv channel VPRO will broadcast the documentary 80 jaar, reeds – op de T bij Wim Schippers this month. In the docu, Schippers looks back on his long-running and award-winning career.

Wim T. Schippers was photographed by Lumen Photo's Corbino (image right) and Jeroen Hofman, among others. 


JUNE 21 •  Publishing house Atlas Contact will release the posthumous, autobiographical book Alles echt gebeurd by author Jeroen Brouwers this month. According to the publisher, Brouwers worked "very intensively" on the book up until his death this May. During his lifetime Brouwers won the Libris Literature Prize, the Golden Owl and the Multatuli Prize, among others. He received an honorary doctorate from Radboud University.

Linelle Deunk, Marco Bakker and Tessa Posthuma de Boer, among others, lensed Brouwers.

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JUNE 20 • New collection! Lumen Photo is very proud to welcome renowned Dutch photographer Corbino. Corbino, the professional name of Maarten Corbijn, is best known for his striking, often black-and-white portraiture of (inter)national personalities. He is also a celebrated filmmaker and author. 

Corbino's extensive and decades spanning portraiture collection can soon be found in our image bank.


JUNE 03 • Dutch cyclist Tom Dumoulin will end his cycling career after this year's cycling season. The 31-year-old Dutchman wrote on Instagram on Friday that his body "no longer work sufficiently" to remain active at top level cycling. Dumoulin is considered one of the most successful Dutch riders ever. He was the first Dutchman to win the famous tour Giro d'Italia.

Beautiful portraits by Jasper Faber and Dirk-Jan van Dijk, among others.

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01 JUNE - The Dutch band De Dijk will quit after 41 years. Singer and frontman Huub van der Lubbe "thinks it's been enough, after the tour that lasts until the end of December", says Van der Lubbe in the Volkskrant. The band had hits with the songs Bloedend Hart, Mag Het Licht Uit and Als Ze Er Niet Is.

Striking portraiture by photographers Andreas Terlaak, Bart Jansen and Frank Ruiter (image left), among others.


MAY 30 • The Dutch television presenter Tim Hofman is heading to the theater with his TV show Boos. The theater series Boos on Tour celebrates the 6-year anniversary of the TV program in which Hofman exposes wrongdoings in society. The show will be "an evening to sharpen our minds", according to Hofman.

Among others, Frank Ruiter, Ivo van der Bent (image right) and Lin Woldendorp lensed the BNNVARA presenter.

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MAY 26 • The Dutch actor Waldemar Torenstra is back in the theatre this year. The 48-year-old actor can be seen from November in the theatre play Momentum. The play, written by Lot Vekemans, is directed by Maaike van Langen. Momentum will premiere on November 19 in the Koninklijke Schouwburg in The Hague.

Striking portraiture by Andreas Terlaak, Frank Ruiter and Lutske Veenstra (image left), among others.


MAY 24 • Dutch documentary maker Sinan Can was awarded a Tegel on Monday, one of the most important journalism awards in the Netherlands. The Tegel has been awarded annually since 2006, and Can received it for the documentary Retour Kalifaat: In Syria, where Islamic State was defeated, he spoke with several European IS members about their view of the regime.

Aisha Zeijpveld (image right), among others, lensed Sinan Can.

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MAY 22 •  The new Dutch public broadcaster Zwart will debut it's first television programma on May 28 with the culture & music show Podium Zwart. The television programme will "take the viewer into the world of music and culture in a way that has not been done before on Dutch television". The tv show will be hosted by Glen Faria and Veronica van Hoogdalem.

Andreas Terlaak and Valentina Vos (image left) photographed Glen Faria.


MAY 22 • Award-winning filmmaker Heddy Honigmann died Saturday at the age of 70. Honigmann is considered one of the greatest Dutch documentary filmmakers, who had success nationally and internationally with films such as Metal and Melancholy and O Amor Natural. During her decades spanning career she received several awards both at home as well as internationally.

Beautiful portraiture by Lumen Photo's Erik Smits.

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MAY 20 • Openly queer singer Lil Nas X, who made a successful debut last year with his album Montero, will perform at Amsterdam's pop venue Ziggo Dome on November 8. It will be Lil Nas X's first major concert in the Netherlands. On November 15 the singer will perform at Brussels' Palace 12 venue.

Lil Nas X was lensed by Kintzing photographers James Arden (image left) and Kaylar Reefer.

MAY 19 • Legendary and much respected talkshow host Paul Witteman will be presented with this year's honorary Zilveren Nipkow award. The jury honors Witteman for his decades spanning, outstanding TV oeuvre in the Netherlands. 

Striking portraiture by Lumen Photo photographers Alek (image right) and Ivo van der Bent.

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MAY 18 • The novel Een schitterend gebrek by Dutch author Japin will be filmed by director Michiel van Erp. The English-language film will be shot on locations in Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. Previously Japin's book Maar buiten is het feest was adapted for the screen.

Frank Ruiter, Rogier van 't Slot (image right) and Martin Dijkstra lensed Arhur Japin.

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MAY 18 • Dutch filmmaker Michiel van Erp will be adapting the book Een schitterend gebrek by writer Arthur Japin for the screen. as was announced by film production company Kaap Holland Film at the Cannes Film Festival. Van Erp previously adapted the books Niemand in de stad and Stromboli.

Lumen Photo's Aisha Zeijpveld (image right) and Daniel Cohen lensed filmmaker Van Erp.

MAY 16 • Not unlike flowers, singers, actors and artists bring color to the world. Artists such as the British singer Olly Murs (pictured), photographed amidst floral splendour as well celebrities dressed in the wildest ‘floral' outfits. 

Rich and colorful images from the Kintzing collection: high-end portraiture by talent such as Alex Bramall, Nick Thompson (pictured right) and Undine Markus.

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MAY 16 • The Dutch singer S10, who finished in eleventh place during the Eurovision Song Contest, announced a new concert on Monday. On 25 November, she will perform a concert at venue AFAS Live. "Participating in the Song Contest was a dream come true. I am already looking forward to this next milestone" said S10.

The singer was beautifully photographed by Daniel Cohen (picture right), Ilja Keizer and Lin Woldendorp.

MAY 15 • Dutch Singer lse DeLange will be awarded the Buma Lifetime Achievement Award during the Buma Awards 2022 ceremony this week. The pop and country singer receives the award because of the contribution she has made to the Dutch music industry for over two decades.

Portraiture by Lumen Photo photographers Dafne Ederveen and Iris Planting (image right).

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MAY 15 • Dutch talk show host Antoinette Hertsenberg was awarded the Media Oeuvre Award on Sunday. The jury of the award praised Hertsenberg: "She knows how to bring every opponent to its knees like no other, from malicious usury policy boys to ill-prepared spokespeople".

Erik Smits (image right), Iris Planting and Linelle Deunk, among others, photographed the TV interviewer.

APRIL 25 • The Dutch sportsman Max Verstappen received the international Laureus Award this Sunday. The 24-year-old Formula 1 racing driver was the first Dutchman ever to be named 'best sportsman in the world'. The jury chose Verstappen over tennis player Novak Djokovic and marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge.

Lumen Photo's Maarten Kools (image right) and Renate Beense lensed Verstappen.

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APRIL 25 • This year's Rutger Hauer Award goes to Dutch director Martin Koolhoven. The filmmaker, known for films such as Oorlogswinter and Brimstone, will receive the award on May 1. The award is given annually to an individual who "makes a significant contribution to the development and promotion of film talent in the Netherlands."

Portraiture by photographers Anne Claire de Breij (image right), Frank Ruiter and Jitske Schols.

APRIL 21 • Biologist Freek Vonk will be the Dutch voice-over of the BBC nature series The Mating Game, Eden and The Green Planet. "That I get to be the voice of the public broadcaster EO's nature series and follow in the footsteps of David Attenborough is of course a great honour", says Vonk.

Photographers Alek (image right), Andreas Terlaak and Martin Dijkstra lensed Freek Vonk.

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APRIL 21 • Dutch soccer coach Erik ten Hag will switch Amsterdam based soccer club Ajax for Manchester United. The coach signs a multi-year contract with the English record champion of the Premier League, as was announced this week by Ten Hag.

Lumen Photo's Malou van Breevoort (image left) and Marcel Krijger lensed Ten Hag.

APRIL 19 • The book Spijt! by children's book author Carry Slee will be published as a comic book during the Week Against Bullying. The comic book will be penned by Ralf van der Hoeven. Spijt! was first published in 1996 and received several accolades. Almost one million copies of the book were sold over the years.

Striking portraiture by photographer Jitske Schols.

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APRIL 19 • The Dutch-Turkish rapper Murda was sentenced to four years in prison in Turkey on Tuesday for his song lyrics "in which he allegedly urges the use of cannabis." The Turkish prosecution had demanded 5 to 10 years in prison.

Bespoke portraiture by photographers duo Vilain & Gai.

APRIL 15 • Dutch actor Nasrdin Dchar is saying goodbye to the theatre stage for the time being. Dchar announced this week. The actor can be seen for the last time in June in the play Familiekroniek in Amsterdam's DeLaMar Theatre. What Dchar will do in the coming years, he has not yet announced.  He does promise to "throw himself into a big, new adventure".

Striking portraiture by Lumen Photo's Lenny Oosterwijk.

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APRIL 15 • Film studio Warner Bros. has "paused future film projects" with American actor Ezra Miller." The actor was arrested earlier this year and briefly detained after "disorderly conduct" in Hawaii. Miller can currently be seen in cinemas in the second Fantastic Beasts sequel. Later this year, his superhero film The Flash will be released.

Kintzing photographer Luc Coiffat lensed the American actor.

APRIL 14 • Singer S10 has chosen Dutch duo Viktor & Rolf to design her outfit for the Eurovision Song Contest. The design duo will provide the Dutch festival participant with two outfits: one for her performance and the other for the opening ceremony.

Duo Viktor & Rolf were beautifully photographed by Lumen Photo's Rene van der Hulst.

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APRIL 14 • Dutch Writer Lale Gül is considering moving abroad for safety concerns. After the Dutch success of the book Ik ga leven several foreign translations and a film will be published in the upcoming monthes. The attention for her book may lead to new threats against the 24-year old author.

Ilja Keizer (image left) and Marc Driessen lensed Gül.

APRIL 12 • Dutch actor Michiel Huisman has landed a role in the Netflix science fiction film Rebel Moon from 300 and Justice League director Zack Snyder. Huisman made internationally name with his role in the HBO series Game of Thrones. 

Photographer Inga Powilleit and Kintzing photographers Leoor Wild (image right) and Andrew White portrayed Michiel Huisman.

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APRIL 12 • The Dutch politician Lilianne Ploumen quits as leader of the PvdA. She is also giving up her parliamentary seat. Ploumen says "that the leadership of the party does not suit me very well and that I am therefore not the ideal leader of the PvdA".

Kiki Groot (image left), Malou van Breevoort, Tessa Posthuma de Boer and Paul Tolenaar lensed Ploumen.

APRIL 12 • Dutch presenter Edson da Graça will host the new season of tv show Heel Holland Bakt Kids for public broadcaster MAX. The 41-year-old Da Graça replaces the current host André van Duin. Due to an 'overfull schedule', Van Duin is not able to present the children's version of Heel Holland Bakt.

Colorful portraiture of Da Graça by photographer Bart Jansen.

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