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22 APRIL — We laten je graag kennis maken het werk van Lumen Photo's fotografen. Dit maal staat het Spotlight op fotografe Lin Woldendorp (1994).
Lin begon haar carrière voor de lens als model, maar voelt zich meer thuis achter de camera. Voor onder meer dagblad Het Parool en magazines VIVA en VARAgids schiet ze modische portretfoto's van Nederlandse personalities.

Eerder dit jaar werd Lin geselecteerd als GUP New Talent. Bij de Zilveren Camera awards ontving ze in 2021 de 3e prijs in de categorie 'portret - singles'.

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APRIL 20 — Dutch opinion pollster Maurice de Hond is working on a podcast about the Deventer murder case. This reveveiled De Hond on Twitter, this Tuesday. In his new podcast Maurice de Hond will respond to the recent, renewed media attention for the much discussed murder and De Hond's involvement in the case.

The pollster was lensed by Lumen Photo's Andreas Terlaak, Corné van der Stelt and Julie Blik (image right).

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APRIL 18 — Gerrit Zalm resigns as supervisory director of Danske Bank. The former Dutch Minister of Finance steps down after a criminal case against the former ABN AMRO director was opened. According to the judiciary, the Dutch bank did not do enough to prevent money laundering.

Lumen Photos Andreas Terlaak, Lars van den Brink and Martin Dijkstra lensed Zalm.

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APRIL 14 — Dutch singer Danny Vera will perform live on stage in the Ziggo Dome venue on December 24. It will be Vera's biggest concert to date. In 2019 Danny Vera's hit song 'Roller Coaster' topped the Dutch music charts for weeks.

The singer was lensed by photographers Andreas Terlaak, Corné van der Stelt (image right) and Ivo van der Bent

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APRIL 13 — During Dutch Remembrance Day, actress Hannah Hoekstra will read the monologue 'A German Life'. The play about Brunhilde Pomsel - secretary of Nazi leader Goebbels - will be broadcast live on May 4th from the National Theatre Carré.

Striking pictures by Lumen Photo's Carmen Kemmink (image right), Frank Ruiter and Wendelien Daan.

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APRIL 13 — Dutch swimming champion Ranomi Kromowidjojo has set her sights on participating in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. During the Olympic qualifying tournament last week, she set 2 top times. Kromwidjojo: "I am growing towards the Olympic Games. This is the confirmation."

The Dutch swimming champion was photographed by Krijn van Noordwijk (image right) and Mike Roelofs.

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APRIL 08  — Sixteen years after writing the Dutch bestselling "Help, I got my wife pregnant!" writer Kluun is working on a sequel: 'Help, I have an adolescent!'. Kluun (pseudonym of Raymond van de Klundert) revealed his new book-title in a radio interview. The book will be published by Lebowski Publishers this fall.

Lumen Photo's Corné van der Stelt (image right) and Frank Ruiter, among others, photographed the successful author.

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APRIL 07 — Dutch actress and filmmaker Halina Reijn will helm the horror thriller 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies' for the American film production company A24, as was announced today. After Halina's directorial debut 'Instinct', this will be her second feature and her first international film project.

Striking portraits by Lumen Photo's Wendelien Daan (image right), Dirk-Jan van Dijk and Krijn van Noordwijk.

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APRIL 07 — Actress and comedian Simone Kleinsma will be in Dutch theaters this September with her new solo show. "I want to create a very personal program. The most personal so far. I want to give color, I want to give comfort and hope," said Kleinsma.

Simone Kleinsma was lensed by Lumen Photo's Frank Ruiter(image right), Iris Planting and Dario & Misja.


APRIL 02 — Amazing new work by Lumen Photo's Wendelien Daan. Beautiful portraits of, among others, actress Halina Reijn, comedian Paul Groot and TV presenters Emma Wortelboer and Nadia Moussaid (image right).

These and more of Wendelien'sportraiture can be found in her Lumen Photo collection.

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APRIL 02 — Dutch film maker Michiel van Erp will bring tv-presenter and writer Splinter Chabot's story about his coming-out to the big screen. His coming out inspired Chabot to write the best-selling book 'ConfettiRegen'. Filming will start later this year in the Netherlands.

Striking images of Chabot by Lumen Photo's Ernst Coppejans, Ilja Keizer (image right) and Lin Woldendorp.

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APRIL 01 — Dutch TV presenter Emma Wortelboer will present a new Saturday prime-time program for public Broadcaster BNNVARA. In the television show named 'Tik' M Aan!' seven couples will compete with each other.

Lumen Photos Dario & Misja,Ilja Keizer and Lin Woldendorp (photo right) lensed the talented Dutch television host.

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MARCH 26 — Dutch actress Noortje Herlaar will play one of the leads in director Ben Verbong's upcoming  film, 'Toen ik je zag'. In the film, based on Isa Hoes' autobiographical book about her life with artist Antonie Kamerling, Herlaar will take on the role of Isa Hoes.

Lumen Photo's Wendelien Daan shot this beautiful portrait (right) of Herlaar.

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MARCH 25 —  Dutch actor Egbert-Jan Weeber plays the late Antonie Kamerling in 'Toen ik je zag', the film adaptation of the book of the same name, written by Isa Hoes about her life with partner Kamerling. Ben Verbong will direct the film, which will be released in 2022.

Romy Treebusch lensed Weeber, more striking images from this series can be found in our image bank.

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MARCH 23 —  Dutch popular radio presenter Ruud de Wild is temporarily stepping back from his NPO2 radio show 'De Wild in de Middag' due to illness. The presenter (and painter) will soon undergo several operations and will need time off to rehabilitate. 

Ruud de Wild was photographed by Lumen Photo's Daniel Cohen (image right) and Rogier Veldman.

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MARCH 17 — Dutch politician Sigrid Kaag is one of the big winners of this week's parliamentary elections. The D66 party leader won a record number of parliament seats in the history of the political party.

Lumen Photo's photographers Jitske Schols and Ringel Goslinga, among others, lensed Sigrid Kaag.

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MARCH 09 — Dutch writer Lale Gül made a smashing debut this year with her book 'Let me live'. Gül's story on her Orthodox Muslim youth was widely discussed in the media.

Lumen photographer Marc Driessen recently lensed Lale beautifully. This portrait (right) and more images from his image series can be found in our image bank.

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MARCH 09 — Comedian Peter Pannekoek wIll send off the year in the annually much anticipated New Year's Eve show produced by the Netherlands' Public Broadcasting organisation. It will the first Old-Year's-send-Of of for 34-year-old funny man.

Striking portrait photos shot by, among others, Lumen Photo's Corné van der Stelt, Jouk Oosterhof (image right), Valentina Vos and Wendelien Daan.

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MARCH 05 — Dutch singer Jeangu Macrooy has presented the new song with which he takes part in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Macrooy will represent the Netherlands with the song 'Birth of a New Age' in venue Rotterdam Ahoy. The singer presented the song on a live stream on Thursday evening.

Jeangu was beautifully photographed by photographers Ivo van der Bent, Jitske Schols (image right) and Renate Beense, among others.

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MARCH 05 — Wonderful new work by Lumen Photo photographer Erik Smits. Striking portraits of Dutch actress Imanuelle Grives (image right), rapper Dikke, writers Arnon Grunberg and Özcan Akyol and politician Ahmed Aboutaleb.

These and more photos can be found in Erik's Lumen collection.

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03 MARCH — Dutch bestselling novel 'Joe Speedboot' by writer Tommy Wieringa is getting a film treatment. Sam de Jong will direct. This was reported today by the book's publisher, De Bezige Bij.

Lumen photographers Marcel Bakker (image right), Jeroen Hofman, Maarten Kools and Frank Ruiter, among others, lensed the successful author.

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MARCH 02 — The jury of the Libris Literature Prize has announced this year's nominees who compete for the prize for the best Dutch-language novel. Among them author Marieke Lucas Rijneveld. Last year, Rijneveld also won the prestigious International Booker Prize.

Lumen photographers Aisha Zeijpveld, Daniel Cohen, Erik Smits, Ilja Keizer (image right) and Jouk Oosterhof, among others, portrayed Rijneveld.

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MARCH 05 — Dutch singer and actress Romy Monteiro has landed a role in  TV series 'GTST', the musical actress reports on Instagram. Monteiro can be seen in the daily Dutch soap later this year.

Lumen Photo's Andy Tan, Dario & Misja, Iris Planting and Rene van der Hulst (image right) lensed Monteiro.

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