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FEBRUARY 28 • Dutch singer, media personality and former nude model Patricia Paay will celebrate her seventy-fifth birthday on March 7. Paay made her television debut in 1966 on the first broadcast night of the then new TV broadcaster the TROS. Lumen Photo's Govert de Roos, nestor of Dutch glamour photography, lensed Paay several times throughout the '70s, '80s, '90s and '00s.

Govert's iconic portraiture of Paay - as well as more recent work by photo duo Dario & Misja (image at right) - can be found in our image bank.

Trending Paay

FEBRUARY 14 • Kim Putters, chairman of the Social Economic Council, has been nominated by PVV party leader Geert Wilders as the new informateur. This became clear during the Lower House debate Wednesday. Kim Putters, member of the Partij van de Arbeid (Dutch Labour Party), must get the stalled process of forming a new Dutch government afloat. 

Lumen Photo's Frank Ruiter, Jiri Büller and Kiki Groot (image right) lensed Putters.

Trending Putters

FEBRUARI 02 • Dutch poet des Vaderlands Babs Gons will be the recipient of this year's Gouden Ganzenveer. The writer and spoken word artist receives the award for her efforts "to grow the world of spoken word poetry and make it known to a wide audience", according to the Academy's De Gouden Ganzenveer, which presents the award. Jet Bussemaker, former politician and president of the academy, announced the winner NPO Radio 1.

Fabulous portraiture by among others. Lumen Photo's Valentina Vos (image right).

Trending Gons2

JANUARY 18 • Dutch TV presenter and journalist Eva Jinek has written a new book; in Droom groot No. 2 (a follow-up to her 2021 book Droom groot), Jinek speaks with more than 20 individuals whom she "personally admires because of their extraordinary achievements." Among the personalities Jinek spoke to are actress Carice van Houten, scientist Beatrice de Graaf and theater producer Daria Bukvić. The book will be released next month.

Among others, Lumen Photo photographers Carmen Kemmink (Image right) and Aisha Zeijpveld stylishly portrayed Eva Jinek.

Trending Jinek

JANUARY 17 • A new year and wonderful new photography. Just in in our image bank: many beautiful and recent portraits shot by our photographers.

Carmen Kemmink lensed actress Hadewych Minis. Lin Woldendorp photographed singer Ki/Ki and Valentina Vos made a stunning series of images of presenter Linda Hakeboom. Photographer Erik Smits shot some handsome photos of singer Sophie Straat (image at right).

Trending Sophie Straat

JANUARY 10 • Renaissance politician Gabriel Attal is not only France's new prime minister, he is also the youngest and first openly gay man to hold the office. Attal, previously Education Minister succeeds Elisabeth Borne, who announced her resignation and that of her government. Attal moved into the Hôtel de Matignon, the French prime minister's official residence, on Tuesday. 

Attal was aptly portrayed by photographer Denis Allard. 

Trending Attal 2

JANUARY 09 •  Ahmed Aboutaleb, the internationally renowned mayor of the Dutch port city of Rotterdam, will step down next fall. He marks 15 years as the city's mayor this week and will not complete his third term. He announces ''that after fifteen years it is time to make way for new talent.'' Aboutaleb was widely praised in international media for his sometimes unorthodox approach to metropolitan issues. The City Mayors Foundation previously praised him as ''the best mayor in the world.'' 

Magnificent portraits by, among others, Lumen Photo's Corbino, Jiri Büller, Erik Smits (image right) and Kiki Groot.

Trending Ahmed Aboutaleb

JANUARY 10 •  Dutch caretaker Health Minister Ernst Kuipers is leaving the Cabinet as of today. He will be holding ''an as yet unknown position abroad.'' King Willem-Alexander today granted the politician and physician an honorable discharge. Kuipers said he submitted his resignation "with a heavy heart" "because I would have liked to have finished the term."

Lumen Photo's Martin Dijkstra (image right) and Marcel Bakker, among others, lensed the politician.

Trending Kuipers

DECEMBER 29 •  Dutch journalist and Russia correspondent  Iris de Graaf will be one of NOS News's new news anchors in 2024. De Graaf was reporting from Moscow since 2020, until the chief editors of NOS News recalled her for security reasons. The chief editors of NOS News are ''pleased that a reporter with De Graaf's internationalexperience is joining the newsroom presentation team.'' 

Photographer Lin Woldendorp (image right) lensed Iris de Graaf.

Trending Graaf

NOVEMBER 30 • Dutch State Secretary for Culture and Media  Gunay Uslu  is resigning from her post. She is switching to Corendon, the travel company founded by her brother. Uslu left Corendon in early 2022 to become State Secretary for Culture and Media for D66. Uslu quits as State Secretary with immediate effect and will take over as CEO of Corendon on 11 December.

Among others, Lumen Photo photographer Martin Dijkstra portrayed the new Corendon CEO.

Trending Uslu

NOVEMBER 23 • Dutch singer Frans Bauer, his partner Mariska Bauer, son Christiaan and his three other children will return early next year on the small screen with their reality series The Bauers. So reports a spokesperson for broadcaster AVROTROS. The Bauers, which was not shown on TV for several years, won the Golden Televizier-Ring in 2004.

Photographer Corné van der Stelt (image right) Frans Bauer and his family.

Trending Bauers

NOVEMBER 22 •  Dutch politician and PVV party leader Geert Wilders emerged as the big winner in this week's Dutch Lower House elections. His party became the largest political party in the Netherlands with 37 seats and will most likely take the lead in the upcoming coalition talks. It is customary that the largest political party also provides the prime ministerial candidate. 

Lumen photographer Martin Dijkstra, among others, lensed Geert Wilders.

Trending Wilders

NOVEMBER 21 • Dutch singer Huub van der Lubbe debuted his first solo single this week. The Impossible Dream is the singer's first new song since the ending of his band De Dijk. The 70-year-old former lead singer announced last year that he was quitting the band. De Dijk scored a string of Dutch-language hits over four decades. Van der Lubbe will also be playing in theatres from next month with the new musical De Man van La Mancha.

Among others, Lumen photographer Bart Jansen (image right) lensed Huub van der Lubbe.

Trending Lubbe

NOVEMBER 15 • Actress and now environmentalist Carice van Houten is working on a podcast about the climate crisis. This she reports on her social media channels. Van Houten has been active for some time for protest movement Extinction Rebellion and participated several times in the occupation of the A12, where activists demonstrated against subsidising the fossil industry. It is not yet known when the podcast can be heard.

Among others, Lumen Photo's Merlijn Doomernik  (image right) portrayed Van Houten.

Trending Carice Vv

NOVEMBER 07 • French author Jean-Baptiste Andrea received the Prix Goncourt, France's most important literary prize, for his book Veiller sur elle. Fourteen rounds of voting were needed to elect the 52-year-old novelist's book as the winning book title. 

Photographer Céline Nieszawer (image right), among others, recently portrayed Andrea, as did photographers Maurice Rougemont, Patrice Normand and Vincent Muller of Lumen Photo's partner agency Opale.

Trending Baptiste
#Wessel te Gussinklo

OCTOBER 21 • Schrijver Wessel te Gussinklo is afgelopen week overleden, dit maakte zijn uitgever deze week bekend. Hij werd 82 jaar. Te Gussinklo brak op relatief latere leeftijd door bij het grote publiek. Hij was 45 jaar toen hij zijn debuutroman De verboden tuin publiceerde, waarvoor hij de Anton Wachterprijs kreeg. In 2021 won te Gussinklo de Boekenbon Literatuurprijs die hij wegens zijn slechte gezondheid toen al niet meer persoonlijk in ontvangst kon nemen.

Lumen Photo's Bianca Sistermans portretteerde Te Gusslinko op treffende wijze.

Trending Wessel

OCTOBER 16 • Dutch singer Danny Vera will next year again perform at the Amsterdam-based venue ZiggoDome. 2024's concert was announced last Friday immediately after his sold-out performance - also at the ZiggoDome. The singer will return to the concert hall next year with a 50-piece occasional orchestra, The Neon Orchestra. The orchestra will be led by British conductor Dominic Seldis.

Among others, Carin Verbruggen (image right) and Corné van der Stelt photographed Vera.

Trending Vera
#Hélène Hendriks

OCTOBER 12 • During the Televizier-Ring Gala, the annual presentation of the Netherlands' most important television award, television host Hélène Hendriks accepted the award for Best Presenter. Hendriks received the award for year's programme De Oranje Zomer. Her programme was also nominated for the Golden Televizier-Ring.

Striking portraiture by Anne Claire de Breij and Rene van der Hulst (image. right).

Trending Hendriks 2

OCTOBER 10 • Dutch singer Camiel Meiresonne and his band Son Mieux will go on a club tour of Europe next year. According to the singer, it is "the biggest tour ever" of the band from The Hague. Son Mieux kicks off the concert series in Hamburg on 10 February. After that, the band will be on stage in Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Zuricht, among other places. Son Mieux is known for songs such as Multicolor, This is the Moment and 1992

Lumen Photo's Daniel Cohen lensed Meiresonne.

Trending Meiresonne

SEPTEMBER  28 •  Dutch journalist and radio presenter Ghislaine Plag will leave broadcaster KRO-NCRV as from 2024. She currently presents the popular radio show Smaakmakers for the broadcaster. Plag says she is ready for 'that well-known new challenge'. Ghislaine has presented the morning programme, which she set up herself, for six years.

Among others, Frank Ruiter, Manon van der Zwaal (image left) and Rogier Veldman lensed the presenter.

Trending Ghislaine

SEPTEMBER 27 • Dutch rock band Kane will return to the stage after more than a decade. On 4, 5 and 7 June 2024, the band will perform concerts at the pop venue Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. The return will be marked with a new single. Dinand Woesthoff  and the rest of the band decided in 2014 to quit the band they founded 25 years ago.

Portraits shot by Lumen Photo's Ernst Coppejans (image right) and Alek Bruessing.

Trending Kane

SEPTEMBER  27• Publicist, science journalist and NRC columnist  Rosanne Hertzberger is on the electoral list of Nieuw Sociaal Contract (NSC), the new Dutch party of former CDA politician Pieter Omtzigt, this the political party announced this week. Herzberger takes position 17 On the list for the upcoming Lower House elections. 

Among others, Lenny Oosterwijk (image left) and Merlijn Doomernik lensed Hertzberger.

Trending Hertzberger

SEPTEMBER 27 • Dutch singer Froukje will be performing two live shows at Royal Theatre Carré early next year. On Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 January, 22-year-old Froukje Veenstra, as the singer's full name is, will be on stage at the famous Amsterdam theatre on the banks of the Amstel river. In 2020, Froukje had her big breakthrough with her single Groter Dan Ik. She also scored hits with songs like Ik Wil Dansen, Een Teken and Licht En Donker

Stylish portraiture by Carmen Kemmink (image right) and Frank Ruiter, among others.

Trending Froukje

SEPTEMBER 26 • Dutch actress Monic Hendrickx takes on one of the leading roles in the new Videoland drama series A Murder Costs More Lives, based on the book of the same name by slain crime journalist Peter R. de Vries. The series will be streamed this autumn. The series was produced by Mark van Roon in collaboration with the De Vries heirs. Marco van Geffen directed A Murder

Monic Hendrickx was lensed by Corné van der Stelt (image left), Iris Planting and Linelle Deunk.

Trending Monic

SEPTEMBER  26 • The Voice contestant Bibi Breijman will release her debut album Luchtkasteel next month. The album features nine Dutch-language songs Breijman wrote herself. Released in early September, the first single from the album, Toverdrank is about a dark period in Breijman's life. According to the singer, the song is about "daring to face your shit and not hiding your pain and misery".

Carin Verbruggen, Dario & Misja and Ernst Coppejens (image right) lensed Breijman.

Trending Breijman

SEPTEMBER 26 • Tania Kross is this year's winner of the Johannes Vermeer Prize, the Dutch state prize for the arts. The opera singer receives the prize because of "her leading international singing career and the innovative way she makes opera widely accessible", reports the jury. The Johannes Vermeer Prize is awarded annually to a Dutch artist. Among others, Arnon Grunberg, Erwin Olaf, Irma Boom and Alex van Warmerdam have already won the prize once.

Striking portraiture by Carin Verbruggen and Tessa Posthuma de Boer (image left). 

Trending Tania Kross

21 SEPTEMBER • Renowned photographer Erwin Olaf has died at the age of 64, his management reported this week. Olaf had suffered from pulmonary emphysema since the 1990s, a disease that limited his life expectancy. His own impermanence played a major role in his later work. The human body was often central to his work, which was counted among the very best of Dutch photography. 

Among others, Lumen Photo's Lenny Oosterwijk (image left), Frank Ruiter and Christophe Beauregard lensed Olaf.

Lmn Trending Olaf

SEPTEMBER 16 • Just in: beautiful new portrait series shot by photographer-duo Carin Verbruggen & Ferry Drenthem Soesman. Stylish portraits of, among others, singer Douwe Bob, saxophonist Candy Dulfer and television host Vivienne van den Assem. But also this delightful portrait series of professional soccer player Ryan Babel (image left). 

Discover more of Carin & Ferry's work in our image bank.

Lmn Trending Babel

SEPTEMBER 09 • Dutch politician Esther Ouwehand will not be nominated for re-election as Party for the Animals list leader. The party leadership says that "signals and information have come in pointing to integrity violations" by Ouwehand. The board speaks of a "bitter pill". Whether the current party leader will stay on as current MP and parliamentary group chairman is unknown.

Among others, Frank RuiterJiri Büller and Malou van Breevoort (image right) lensed Ouwehand.

Lmn Trending Ouwehand

SEPTEMBER 06 • Introducing Lumen Photo's new collection: the intricately witty portraits by photographer Merlijn Doomernik. Nearly every personality of significance was (or will be) in front of Merlijn's camera. His portraits with characteristic use of light and an equally recognisable wink were and are frequently published on the pages of most national newspapers and popular magazines. His work can also be seen on book covers, record sleeves and theatre posters.

Lmn Trending Claassen

SEPTEMBER 04 • Popular Dutch cabaret artistLisa Loeb no longer sees herself performing on stage in the near future. "I have been in the theatre for 12 years and think it is time for a new challenge," Loeb reported in Dutch media. She intends to focus on making television. The 34-year-old comedian is currently developing a satirical TV programme in which she will be presenting, singing and acting.

Lumen Photo's Aisha Zeijpveld (image right) and Lin Woldendorp superbly lensed Loeb.

Lmn Trending Loeb

SEPTEMBER 01 • TV presenter and journalist Clairy Polak died on Thursday at the age of 67, broadcaster HUMAN announced today. Polak worked for various radio programmes and became particularly well known for the TV programmes NOVA and Buitenhof. Since 2011, Polak presented the The Philosophical Quintet for HUMAN.

Among others, Rogier van 't Slot (image left) and Frank Ruiter portrayed Polak.

Lmn Trending Polak

AUGUST 29 • Comedian and TV presenter Paul de Leeuw is coming up with a new Saturday night show for Dutch public broadcasting company. In the light satirical programme Hotel Hollandia, which can be seen at BNNVARA later this year, De Leeuw will receive Dutch people who were recently in the news.

Paul de Leeuw was beautifully portrayed by Lumen Photo's Shody Careman (image right), Lin Woldendorp and Ivo van der Bent.

Lmn Trending De Leeuw

AUGUST 26 • Much-talked-about Dutch MP Pieter Omtzigt announced this week that he will participate in the upcoming Lower House elections with his long-awaited new party, Nieuw Sociaal Contract. 

Lumen Photo's Linelle Deunk recently portrayed Omtzigt. The portrait on the left as well as more images from this series can be found in our image library.

Lmn Trending Deunk
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